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Best quality planetary mixer at lowest price

Planetary Mixer Cake Mixer Cream Mixer At Wholesale Price

We have a wide range of Planetary cake mixer machine for small as well as large bakers exactly to customers requirement. Cake batter mixing is a process in which basic cake ingredients are mixed to form a smooth, aerated and semi-fluid mass that can be poured or deposited into pans. cake batter mixing is quite different from dough mixing. This is because the water, fat, sugar and egg levels are much greater in cake than in bread formulations, resulting in a totally different system after mixing.    

planetary cake mixer 45 liter

Heavy Duty Planetary Mixer 45 Liter

Model No. HPM-45

Bowl Capacity : 45liter

Dough Capacity: 12kg

Sponge Cake Capacity: 90 eggs

Cream Whip : 2 to 6 Liter

Motor : 2 HP

Three mixing attachment

Stainless steel 45 liter bowl

Speed: 3 Step Speed

Heavy duty hard & grinded transmission gear

Silent Features :-

Gear and shaft made from heat-treated steel alloy and mounted on ball bearings

Heavy-duty construction

High polish stainless steel bowl meets food industry sanitation needs

Interlocking mechanism for bowl

Precision-milled, heat-treated steel alloy gear for durability

Suitable for mixing Cake, Pastries, Cream, Cookies, Biscuit, Bread, Pizza, Pav, Buns and many bakery products.

Spiral Mixer 50 KG , 50kg मैदा मिक्सर , 50kg बेकरी मिक्सर, 50kg स्पाइरल मिक्सर इंडिया india

Automatic Spiral Mixer for Bread, Pav

Available Capacity:-

1.  Spiral Mixer 30kg

2. Spiral Mixer 50kg

3. Spiral Mixer 100kg
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rotary rack oven, बेकरी ओवन, डीजल ओवन, oven manufacturer in jaipur rajasthan india

Rotary Rack Bakery Oven

Available Capacity:-

1.  Rotary Oven 28 tray

2. Rotary Oven 42 tray

3. Rotary Oven 84 tray

4. Rotary Oven 120 tray

5. Rotary Oven 168 tray
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single deck oven price in india

Single Deck Bakery Oven

Available Capacity:-

1.  Single Deck Bakery Oven 2 tray

2. Single Deck Bakery Oven 4 tray

3. Single Deck Bakery Oven 6 tray

4. Single Deck Bakery Oven 8 tray

5. Single Deck Bakery Oven 12 tray
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double deck commercial baking oven for bakery in india making cake pastries pizza bread pav cookies

Double Deck Baking Oven

Available Capacity:-

1.  Double Deck Baking Oven 8 tray

2. Double Deck Baking Oven 12 tray

3. Double Deck Baking Oven 16 tray

4. Double Deck Baking Oven 24 tray
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Automatic Gas oven for bakery making cake bread cookies in india

Automatic Gas Baking Oven

Available Capacity:-

1.  Single Deck Gas Bakery Oven 6 tray

2. Single Deck Gas Bakery Oven 12 tray
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Bread Slicer machine price in india, rusk cake cutter machine

Bread Slicer Machine

Available Capacity:-

1.  Jumbo Bread Cutter

2. Rusk Cutter

3. High Speed Bread Cutter
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